One of the largest escape room companies in the country has come to East Brunswick. shared that 'All In Adventures' opened a new location in the Brunswick Square Mall off of NJ-18. This will be the company’s 29th location in the U.S and third in New Jersey. Escape rooms have been popping up with different styles and puzzles more and more. This location adds to that selection.

Patrick Alexander, the manager for the new location, shared with, "Escape Rooms are the next step in the evolution of entertainment and we are excited to be the newest addition to Brunswick Square Mall.” In a day and age where entertainment is mainly digital, this is a great way to bring people together for some fun without the distraction of electronics. People that take part in escape rooms have to work together to get out of the rooms they are “trapped” in before time runs out.

Each group that enters an escape room is given a clue. Everyone has to help look for the next part of the puzzle by using the first clue. This process continues until the group “escapes,” or the given time period expires. This is a great way to challenge the brain and get people to interact with each other while working as a team

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