"What do you do on Christmas Eve if you're single & Jewish?"

That was the question that Andrew Rudnick asked himself back in 1987. That's also when he  came up with the idea for MATZOBALL, an event designed for single Jewish people.

Since 1987, over 400,000 people have attended a MATZOBALL party. This year Matzoballs will take place in eight ciites (including Philadelphia, of course).

The Philadelphia MATZOBALL will be held on Dec. 24 from 9pm-2am at the Vesper Sporting Club on Sydenham Street (just a block and a half from the corner of Broad & Walnut St).

“If you are at least 21, Jewish, and single, you will not want to miss attending a MATZOBALL party,” Rudnick says. “It’s the kind of event you will be talking about for years to come. You may even be telling your kids about how it’s where you and your spouse first met."  In fact, Rudnick met his future wife at that first MATZOBALL back in 1987.

Tickets for the Philly party are $30 and can be purchased online at matzoball.org.

FYI: there's also a MATZOBALL taking place in New York City.  For more info on that event, click here.

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