Apple is going to give Netflix, Amazon and all the other TV streaming companies a run for their money.  At some point between January and June of 2019 Apple is aiming to launch their entertainment services. These streaming services will first be introduced in the U.S. and then take over about 100 other countries.

Netflix and Amazon aren't cheap streaming services to have but they still manage to draw in millions of subscribers. For Apple to catch up to their numbers isn't going to be an easy task but it's nothing they haven't faced before. Apple music is a subscription based music streaming service, so they are not new to the streaming services world. The question is will Apple be able to hold up with the big dogs that have been in the game for much longer?

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As Apple gets ready to have their own streaming service, they are making it clear that they will allow you to use third party streaming to watch your favorite shows and  TV channels.You also gotta know that this is going to benefit all apple product owners because if you own an iPhone, Apple Tv or iPad the streaming service will more than likely be free.

The reason Apple is trying to provide some free streaming is to try and gain some of the Android users and have them make the switch to Apple products. Really, who uses Android anyways! If you don't have the blue bubble we can't trust you. Ok, that was joke. Ha-Ha-Ha!

An exclusive Oprah Winfrey may be coming your way with this Apple streaming entertainment.

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