A major superstar spent time in the Philadelphia area this weekend.

In fact, she's one of the biggest names in music, and she was spotted throughout the weekend around Bucks County.

By the way, I even got the chance to take a selfie with the star. So... who was it?

Ariana Grande Spotted Throughout Bucks County

As early as Friday evening (October 13), photos surfaced online that appeared to show Ariana Grande in the New Hope, Pa. area.

Those sightings continued into Saturday afternoon and evening as the superstar appeared to spend the weekend in the area.

In fact, I snagged my selfie with her on Saturday evening.

Ariana Grande Attends 'Rocky Horror' at Bucks County Playhouse

The answer to why Ariana Grande was in town is kind of an obvious one.

Her brother, Frankie Grande, is starring in the brilliant production of The Rocky Horror Show at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pa.

google earth/getty
google earth/getty

Friday night was actually opening night for the show, which already has rave reviews, by the way. So it appears as if Ari was in town supporting her brother for a few of the first shows.

Yes, I Met Ariana Grande in New Hope, Pa.

Ariana didn't attend just one show. We looked around on Instagram, and she appeared to at least attend Friday night's show and Saturday night's shows.

Joe, 94.5 PST
Joe, 94.5 PST

I met her (and her mom) ahead of Saturday night's show. The 30-year-old pop superstar was seated a few rows from the stage when I entered. She was chatting with a few fans ahead of the show, who probably recognized her because she was decked in her signature cat ears.

After seeing how cordial she was, I approached her to ask for a selfie. Which I NEVER bother celebrities for, but I have to say: she was SUPER kind.

She took my phone for the pic and even had her mother, Joan, hop in for the photo.

Ariana Grande Spotted with Other Celebs in New Hope, Pa.

Ari wasn't the only star at the playhouse this weekend supporting Frankie Grande.

Over the weekend Ari shared photos that appeared to show her stylist Mandoh and RuPaul's Drag Race stars Salina EsTittes and Shangela joining in on the phone alongside Frankie Grande. People.com also reported the same.

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