The official date for Art All Night 2019, Trenton, New Jersey's 24-hour arts and entertainment festival, is set for Saturday and Sunday, June 15th and 16th.

Following the tragedy that happened last year at Art All Night, CBS Evening News reported that a shooting left one dead and 22 wounded, the city of Trenton is looking forward to continuing the arts festival.

Community News, reached out the mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora, and he promises that this year will be bigger and better than before. He revealed that security is the main concern and that he has been meeting with event organizers, Trenton police and fire departments, and NJ state law enforcement to make sure this year is safe and fun for all who attend. Mayor Gusciora told Community News that he's "confident that Art All Night will show the best of what Trenton has to offer. I will be there, and I encourage visitors to come out and celebrate with us.”

There is all a social media hashtag and campaign that has been started by event organizers, #RebuildAAN. They are looking to rebuild the event, raise funds, and bring back Art All Night. Yet they also want to work throughout the year to promote local art and nonviolence in the community.

Read more on the planned return for Art All Night here

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