PRINCETON — The driver of a red "Mazda-type vehicle" approached a 10-year-old girl on Wednesday afternoon as she walked home from a friend's house.

The girl was walking along Prospect Avenue in Princeton around 5 p.m. when the sedan or coupe with a "stock-looking spoiler" on the back was heading south on Riverside Drive East. The driver did a U-turn and turned onto Prospect Avenue.

He stopped and asked the girl if she was okay and if she needed a ride. She told him she was fine and continued walking. He then asked where she was going before leaving the area.

The girl described the driver as a white man in his 40s wearing a yellow shirt, with thinning, light brown hair.

The incident appears to be isolated but police have stepped up patrols in the area. They also issued tips for parents about these situations.

  • Report the incident IMMEDIATELY or as soon as you can. Officers arriving on scene in a timely manner have a better opportunity to locate the suspect.
  • Tell children to be aware of their surroundings. Don't wear headphones and don't play games on phones while walking.
  • Tell kids if they do get grabbed or accosted, they should kick, scream, punch, bite (if hands/fingers are covering their mouth) and yell for help.
  • Never stop to talk or get into a vehicle driven by someone they do not know.

Police asked anyone with information about this incident to call them at 609-921-2100 X2123.

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