I'm a huge fan of steak. For me, there's nothing like the experience of a good steak from the second you season it, precook, right up until you're eating it. So when I heard that the Longhorn Steakhouse was destroyed by fire at the ITC crossing in Mt. Olive, my first thought was it must have smelled great for a while. Especially if it were built on an onion field with wild mushrooms.

I kid. Coming from a long line of firefighters, including my father, uncle and best friend, I know how serious fire can be.

But I'm not kidding about how much I love steak. I've always been a huge fan of The Pub in Pennsauken, where they have a brick over hearth the size of a wall that cooks them and creates a smell that should be put in a candle. It would also make a great car freshener. But that's just one of the many great steak places in New Jersey.

Here are the others answering the culinary question, "where are the best steaks in New Jersey?"

The best steakhouses in NJ according to you


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