If you live in the Bucks County area beware of another scam that is happening in the area. Someone is pretending to be a police officer from the Bensalem Police Department are is somehow scamming people out of money.

People should know right off the bat that something isn't right with this situation. If you ever get a call from someone claiming to be a cop, you should know that law enforcement would never ask a citizen for money.

"The scammer is spoofing their phone number and identifying themselves a police department employee through a psychology app where people who need services can contact a licensed therapist," Bensalem police said, according to Patch.

Just be cautious the next time you receive a call from a number that you don't know. It is easy to be fooled because apparently the scammer is calling residents from what looks like an official township line, according to Bucks Courier Times.

This isn't the first time Bucks County has been hit with a massive phone scam. Just a month ago there was a scandal where phone scammers were attempting to defraud registered sex offenders, according to Reading Eagle. Just like this time, someone was calling around to registered sex offenders in the area. Supposedly they would tell the offender that they violated some form of probation, but could pay their way out of going to jail.

So, just beware! Never give out your credit card information or any form of payment to someone over the phone. Always triple check the validity of the person you are in contact with.


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