Bird bombs will be set off in the downtown area of Trenton tonight (Thursday, November 14th), according to Peterson's Breaking News of Trenton.

You're not alone if you've never heard of Bird Bombs, I had to read the post a couple of times, to see if I was reading it correctly. Lol. They are controlled bombs from a hand held gun that are set off to scare birds away. I didn't realize downtown Trenton had a bird problem. I could have used one of these down the shore over the summer when the seaguls were ready to attack me for the italian hoagie I was eating. Lol.

The Trenton Downtown Association put out a notice to residents that the bird bombs will be getting set off tonight from 5 to 9pm, so if you're in the surrounding area, don't be alarmed, because there will be some very loud booms.

I'm fascinated by these bombs, so I googled them, and here's what I found:

"Bird Bombs® explode with a very loud "BANG" that scares away pest birds and wildlife. Bird Bombs® are fired from a hand held launcher, and will travel 75 - 100 feet before exploding."

Head south now, birdies, head south. Lol.



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