Brothers Pizza on 33, has responded to their customers' requests and starting helping to get local shelter dogs and cats adopted, according to Facebook.

Now, when you pick up your pizza from the popular Hamilton (Mercer County) pizza shop and Italian restaurant, you'll see a flyer attached to the pizza box with a color picture of a adorable dog up for adoption at the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter. The next group they plan to help is Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue, and then, Trenton Cats.


You may have heard us talking about this during The Scoop last week. It all started when a pizza shop in Amherst, New York joined forces with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), up in Niagara, to help get the word out that there are lots of dogs up for adoption at its shelter. They put flyers, with pictures of the adoptable animals, on each and every pizza box.

A bunch of Brothers on 33 customers told them about the story, in hopes that they'd do something like that too, and they got right on it.

Bravo, Brothers on 33...keep up the good work.

Brothers Pizza is on Route 33 in Hamilton Township, NJ.

To follow them on Facebook, click here.

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