According to a website called, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board was formed in 1933 as a way to discourage drinking alcohol “by making it as inconvenient and expensive as possible.”

Now, an article on says a bill has been introduced that would allow non-state stores, like grocery stores and beer distributors, to obtain licenses to sell spirits.  The bill is being backed by the Distilled Spirits Council.  The Council says "adding 900 spirits outlets in the state would bring in $100 million in revenue."

Changing Pennsylvania's alcohol laws is not a new idea.  For instance, a 2014 article on pointed out that "Pennsylvania is the only state, other than Utah, where the government has total control of liquor and wine wholesale and retail operations within its borders"  The article went on to say that the result of this was " higher costs and reduced selection for consumers."

The new bill will need to be passed by the Pennsylvania State Senate and says that "it remains to be seen what kind of support the bill has in the senate."


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