If you were a fan of Cargot Brassiere, the french restaurant in one of the old Dinky buildings in Princeton, sorry to break the news to you, but it's closed, for good.

Planet Princeton says it closed on Saturday night, for at least for the rest of the summer to do renovations and transition to a new steakhouse. The sign on the door of the upscale restaurant said they were sorry to disappoint you and will be using the summer for the transition and will reopen sometime in September. Don't worry, the sign also said The Dinky Bar and Kitchen will pick up where they left off and will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while it's closed.

Employees of Cargot Brassiere told Planet Prineton that the new steakhouse will be called Roots Steakhouse, with other locations being in Summit, Morristown, and Ridgewood. Roots is known for their burgers, sandwiches, seafood, and of course, steaks.

Hopefully, Cargot Brassiere's employees will all land on their feet. Employees said they were led to believe that they would either be moved to The Dinky Bar or Agricola (all opened by the same company, Harvest Group), but, said they found out the night of Cargot's closure, that those 2 restaurants were fully staffed and their only option was to work at another Harvest Group restaurant in Morristown until the new Roots in Princeton opened.

Yes, there is another Roots in the area, near Whole Foods, but, that serves Asian Cuisine.  This could get confusing when you tell your friends to meet you at Roots. Lol.

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