The Cherry Hill school district is making some unnerving decisions regarding school lunch debt. For some kids, there only meal of the day come from their school and this New Jersey school district are trying to limit that even more. Previously, they were proposing to serve tuna sandwich to students with a $10 debt and absolutely nothing to those with $20 or more in lunch debt.

A new policy would exclude students from prom, school dances, after school activities, and other events if their debt is more than $75. The policy is to encourage parents who are able, to pay their bills and if not, to apply for the free or reduced lunch program. The school district superintendent claims that no child has been denied a lunch because of an outstanding bill but an incident occurred where a student was 15 cents short of payment and denied her lunch.

This drew a lot of criticism from parents who fear that their child will be denied food. How do you feel about this?

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