A 65' Ferris wheel will be here to spread the cheer in Christmas Village.

As you already know, or maybe you didn't but now you do -- Christmas Village is going to be returning on Thursday, November 28th. This year, there is a new attraction. As if the carousel wasn't enough for the area already, there will now be a 65 foot tall Ferris wheel. There is already vendors, but that's just one more thing you can add on the "to-do" list while you're there.

According to Phillyvoice.com, the Ferris wheel will be located within the Wawa Holiday Plaza. With the addition of this new ride, the Christmas Village will now be expanded beyond the Philly Holiday Tree on North Broad Street outside of City Hall.

If you chose to take this ride, there will be a phenomenal view of all the festivities going on in the area. LOVE Park will be visible from the top, as well as the German Christmas market. Tickets to ride will be $4.

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