Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z are worth an estimated $1.4 billion according to Republic World. 6abc reports that Beyonce has awarded a BeyGood grant to a business in Philadelphia. Grant Blvd,  which is a black owned female boutique located in West Philadelphia has just received a $10,000 BeyGood grant. The owner Kimberly McGlonn was so happy to find out she won this grant and she was actually the only business in Philadelphia to receive it. The clothing in the Grant Blvd boutique is all handmade by seven women and it's a boutique that supports other women including those who have been previously in jail. Here's hoping Grant Blvd can put this money to good use and we wish them the best of luck!

Nothing makes me happier than when celebrities who extremely wealthy help out those less fortunate than them. This pandemic has been hard on countless businesses and even though some celebrities may not be making as much money as they have in prior years because some of them are not touring, they still have a buttload of money. It is extremely nice that celebrities like Beyonce are giving grants and money to small businesses who are really struggling right now. According to Beyonce's website, there have been almost 800 businesses that have received this grant. The partnership with the NAACP will also give out grants for housing. This is such an amazing thing happening that I don't think enough people know about. Kudos to Beyonce for her partnership with the NAACP to help businesses and people in this time of need.


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