The Patch reports, the Corner Bakery Cafe in Newtown has been closed for seven months, but they are reopening on Monday November 16th. They will be ready to serve you in their cafe, or you can order food and drinks to go, and even get it delivered. Not only are they open for business, but they will be giving away free cups of coffee until the end of 2020. What do you have to do to get this free cup of coffee? Make a purchase? Make a donation? Nope. Just simply ask for it. I'd do it politely because kindness goes a long way especially in a pandemic. There are also some sweet perks to placing your order online like free masks and coffee mugs if you're a new customer. If you do order online and want that free cup of coffee, make sure you use the code FREECOFFEE at the checkout. For more info, check out this article from The Patch.

I don't drink coffee, I am more of a tea drinker. A few years ago I got into lattes, specifically chai and cafe lattes, yum! I don't drink them every day though, because they are loaded with calories. My husband is an intense coffee drinker and I know when he hears about free coffee, he is there! I think this is an awesome way for Corner Bakery to say, "We're Back! Welcome Back! We appreciate your business!" Like I said, before kindness goes a long way and I feel like people like to be more kind when they've had their coffee in the morning. So, maybe we will start to see some happier people.

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