Online apps are taking over as the new dating scene. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are some popular apps among young adults who are looking for that special someone, or even just a quick hook-up. But are you up to date with the slang terms used to describe online dating experiences?

I certainly was not, and some of these are pretty crazy. You may have even been "curved," or perhaps you curved someone else without even knowing it. Curving essentially is to reject someone. Have you ever been chatting with someone and the person doesn't ask you any questions back? Curved. "Sorry I never responded, I've been so busy." Curved. "Just seeing this now, sorry I didn't respond sooner." Yep, still curved. He's just not that into you. (Tell me you love this movie as much me)  

If you think about it, curving is probably worse than just outright rejecting the person, since you are essentially leading them on with pointless conversation. I guess It's tough for someone to just say, "I'm not interested."

Here are some other things to be aware of as you online date:

Hatfishing  - This is not a typo. We all know what "catfishing" is, but it just got taken to a whole new level that I seriously appreciate. This is when someone hides the fact that they may be bald, have a receding hairline, or just some seriously whack hair by wearing hats in every picture featured on their dating profile.

Submarining - Ever have a relationship that has been going really well and then suddenly you never hear from them again? That's ghosting. But when the person decides to randomly show up in your life again with no apology, you really need to get rid of that loser, since he just submarined you.

Cuffing Season - Gear up for cuffing season people. This season during the cold weather is when singles are looking for someone to cuddle with, but only until its warm again outside.

Breadcrumbing - This variation of ghosting might even be worse than someone outright ignoring you. This is when someone is super flirty and leading you on with no intention of actually pursuing the romantic relationship. It's essentially a huge tease.

For a full list of what to be mindful of when online dating, click here.


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