The date is set. After a successful return in 2021 (after a pandemic break in 2020), TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville is reporting that the ever-popular Cranberry Festival will once again be taking place this fall. This will be its 32nd year. Great news.

The Bordentown City Commissioners just gave their official ok to organizers, so, full steam ahead with the planning. The exact dates for this awesome street fair are Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd. Set a reminder in your phone now.

I always like to have something fun to look forward to now that my winter blahs have settled in, and this is it. Have you ever been? It's one of the biggest events in the area, attracting thousands of people every year. Everyone loves the crafters, artists, vendors, and of course, the food. The food court will once again this year be set up on Walnut Street. There will be live music and a beer garden on Walnut Street as well.

Festival Organizer, Leon Stanley, said in the article, "Though implemented due to COVID in 2021, the DBA (Downtown Bordentown Association) is putting festival quality over quantity and limiting the number of craft vendors again for 2022. The festival will still run from Burlington Street to Park Street, but, bigger is not always better. The overwhelming feedback from both vendors and attendees alike was that 2021's vendor layout, with its increased spacing, contributed to an enhanced festival and shopping experience for everyone."

For more information, click here.

If you'd like an application to be a vendor, click here.

I can't wait until October.

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