The season premiere of ABC's The Bachelor debuted last night and one of the contestants competing to win Bachelor Colton Underwood's heart is Hamilton, NJ's Angelique Sherman.  (Click here to check out more info on Angelique).

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched last night's episode and do not want to find out what happened, please stop reading now.

Angelique was not one of the contestants featured in her own vignette.  In fact, her first appearance in the episode didn't happen until about halfway into the episode in a short segment about how many of the women were wearing sequined dresses.  Her dress was a light purple, strapless and glittery.  She was also wearing some glitter body makeup.  Colton mentioned that Angelique had "the glitter going on" and she, in turn, warned him that "it leaves a little glitter behind, so you'll remember me."

Credit: ABC

After being introduced to all 30 contestants, Colton proceeded to spend a little more one on one time with some of the women.

We don't know if Colton spent time with Angelique... because if he did it was not featured on the episode. And even though she didn't seem to be in the middle of any of the drama among contestants that seems to be part of every Bachelor episode, she did get some decent camera time commenting on the night's events.

Before we knew it, we had gotten to the rose ceremony, where 23 contestants would get a rose and move on the next round and 7 would be eliminated.  Those of us that are rooting for Angelique were nervous about whether or not she would get a rose.  Apparently, she was nervous too, saying she could "literally feel (her) heart pounding."  She also said that getting a rose would "seal the dream deal" for her.

It took a while, but with just 4 roses left... Colton finally called out Angelique's name and asked her to accept the rose, which she happily did.

Credit: ABC

As long-time Bachelor viewers know, the order in which contestants get roses is no indication on who is among the favorites to win, so with that, Angelique (and her fans) are on to round 2.

You can watch the full episode here.