Fox Business is reporting that Disneyland resorts are no longer taking reservations until further notice. If people had a trip planned from now until December 31st, they have been notified that their reservation has been canceled. Looking forward, Disneyland resorts are not taking reservations for 2021 yet either. It looks like Disneyland will be "playing it by ear" and seeing how the pandemic plays out in regards to when they will reopen their parks as well as their hotels. There is much speculation because representatives didn't really specify why the resorts are staying closed, but we can assume, they are using extreme caution because of the huge spike in COVID-19 cases all over the country. For more info, visit this article from Fox Business.

This pandemic has put our world on hold. It's extremely sad for people that have planned a vacation to try and bring some laughter and fun into their lives despite this terrible pandemic. Now, vacations are being canceled and our lives have not gone back to normal after almost a year of isolation, wearing masks, washing our hands like crazy and not being able to experience happiness like we are used to experiencing and it just breaks my heart. I cannot wait to finally be able to breathe and enjoy a vacation again. Disneyland and is supposed to be one of the happiest place on Earth and it will be nice for people to actually start going again.

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