Do you ever look at your paycheck and think that you're making no money and that if you moved to another state, you'd make a lot more money? I think a lot of us have this thought, however many factors may be keeping us here in New Jersey. Whether it be family or friends or the love for your job, sometimes even though people from New Jersey want to move to another state to make more money, they don't. So, would we really make more money if we moved to another state? According to a new article from Daily Mail.....NO!

The map below shows how much people take home in each state after taxes and apparently people in the Northeast make the most! GoBankRate had their researchers get out their calculators to figure out these numbers and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.

Credit: Daily Mail
Credit: Daily Mail/ Go Bank Rate

According to the map, people who live in New Jersey take home an average of $72,337 and that's the highest in the country. Connecticut came in at number two on this list with people in their state bringing home an average of $72,326 and Alaska (which is not in the northeast) came in at number 3 as people in their state take home $70,607. So the next time you wanna complain about New Jersey, just remember we're apparently bringing home more money than the rest of the country.

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