Dogs and Cats Rule to the rescue again. They've been my go-to ever since bringing our Cockapoo puppy, Maizey, home earlier this year.

Dogs and Cats Rule isn't just the best pet food store in the area, filled with everything you need for your pet and more. They're a fantastic resource for new pet parents like me, and they truly treat customers like family.

Maizey wouldn't go outside in the rain. We were doing so well with potty training until it rained. She hated it and would go to the bathroom in the house. I asked the fabulous staff at Dogs and Cats Rule what to do about this, and they told me it's a common problem and suggested getting my pup a raincoat.

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We tried them on her right in the store to make sure we got the right size and she loves it. You can't do that when you shop online. She didn't like her belly fur touching the wet grass. Problem solved. While we were there, we also got her some pumpkin treats ... it is fall, afterall.

I really can't say enough about how wonderful Dogs and Cats Rule is. They chose just the right food for Maizey ... Petcurean's Now Fresh. It's all-natural and loaded with superfoods. Don't worry if you're pet has a sensitive tummy or allergies, they have a solution ... it's called Go Solutions.

Dogs and Cats Rule has everything you need to get your pet ready for fall and winter: the most stylish pet apparel like sweaters, fleeces, winter coats, boots to protect their paws, and so much more. They also have the best interactive toys, and don't forget to keep up with flea and tick care. Your pet will still like to be outside as much as possible. 

You should see the pink plaid fleece I just got for Maizey, too. It's absolutely adorable.  She'll be the best-dressed puppy in our neighborhood when the weather gets cold, hands down. lol.

Shop small, shop local, shop family. Shop the very best around, Dogs and Cats Rule. There are seven locations throughout the area. Click here to find the one nearest you. Don't forget they offer local home delivery and curbside pickup.

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