Drake has had a great year video-wise (and in general), but it costs money to shine. The highly-anticipated video for his latest summer smash "In My Feelings" was well put together, but quite pricey. According to TMZ, those shiny grills that Drake wore in the video may have cost as much as $14,000.

In the report, it seems that the story behind the grills is even wilder than the cost. Evidently, Drake put in the request to popular jeweler Ben Baller with very little time to spare, only four days before the video was set to begin shooting.

Ben rose to the occasion and delivered, making the jewelry within 36 hours and getting it flown to the scene of the video. While the quick turnaround alone can easily explain the price, the quality of the metals makes the picture even clearer. Drake specifically asked for pure platinum and 18k gold, which isn't often used on grills.

The care put into the "In My Feelings" video is helping it rack up the views, which should only add to Drake's chart dominance . 'Scorpion' has already led the Billboard 200 chart for four weeks in a row and the #InMyFeelings challenge isn't going anywhere. Couple that with Drake recently locking down his 42nd week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with "In My Feelings" last week, the money he invested into his visual seems well worth it.

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