Eagles fans might not like this news when they realized they are paying more for beer during an Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field than at other stadiums.

I saw on Philly Voice that a 12 ounce beer costs $9, and they broke that down to find that a fan pays 75 cents per ounce. Usually I just drink and don't think twice about it because I figured things are always more expensive when you go out. Yet it's interesting to see how much you pay and what you get for that amount.

They also compared other NFL teams's beer prices: nine dollars at a Dallas Cowboys game gets you a 16 ounce beer, which is four ounces more than a beer at a home Eagles game. If you go to see the Vikings, they sell a 20-ounce beer for $9.50.

The best places to enjoy the game, drink a beer and not go too broke is in Baltimore, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, Arizona and Cincinnati, because a 12-ounce beer is just $5. That's 42 cents per ounce.

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