For this particular blog I would like to start by thanking the young ladies that came in clutch the time that I was stuck at the "exact change" tolls on the Garden State Parkway.

Now, on to the good news for everyone that doesn't carry around change at the right times. If you have driven through the Garden State Parkway lately you may have noticed that some of the "exact change" tolls have been replaced by actual humans.

Thank you baby Jesus!!!

We must thank the manufacturing companies for not making the parts for those old "exact change" machines anymore. Tom Feeney mentioned to News12 that this is the main reason why they are all going BYE BYE now.

We couldn't be any happier to know that 11 toll plazas now have humans that can take your dollar bills and give you change.

Also, a thing you want to be aware of is that you can possibly still run into some exact change tolls at exits and entrances of the Garden State Parkway. Don't get too excited yet!

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