When it comes to tasty, comforting food, at its essence, you really can't go wrong with any variation of potatoes.... especially french fries!

You really are limited by your own imagination with it comes to those deliciously addicting fried potato sticks. So why stop at just fries and ketchup? Loaded french fries are where it's AT!

And this restaurant bar in Jersey City has absolutely mastered their loaded fries game.

According to Love Food, the title for the best loaded French friends in New Jersey goes to Left Bank Burger Burger Bar in located at 194 Newark Ave in Jersey City.

Allow me to introduce you to the Disco Fries!

You've heard of poutine, right? It's a dish of French fries topped with cheese and brown gravy. Well Left Bank Burger Bar took that classic Canadian comfort food and perfected it. Theirs is topped with gooey melted mozzarella cheese and brown gravy. Look at how scrumptious these look!

Though LBBB is famous for their insane, towering burgers, their Disco Fries side dish has taken a good piece of the spotlight.

But even though the Disco Fries are amazing, don't sleep on their other scrumptious french fry menu options! There's also the Jersey Devil Fries with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese, and Chili Town Fries with chili, cheese sauce, bacon and jalapeños!

Get a "load" of the Chili Town Fries!

Have you ever been to this place and had their loaded fries? Maybe you think another Jersey restaurant is more deserving of the "Best Loaded Fries" title! Don't be shy, let us know!

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