The Howell Farm Corn Maze is now open for another season.

This year marks the 23rd year of the Howell Farm Corn Maze and of course the challenges are greater then ever.

The theme of the maze this year according to, "celebrates nursery rhymes, rhyming games and poems. Maze-goers who find all the puzzle pieces will be able to solve its three-way board game, which forms a map of the maze."

I love it.

You can try the maze during the day or if you consider yourself and expert you can also get lost in the maze at night.

The fee of the maze is pretty reasonable too ...

General admission - $10

Kids between 5 and 9 - $8

Kids 4 and under - FREE

For the maze/farm hours check out the Howell Farm website.

Other cool things to take advantage of while during your visit at the farm are "music, games, pedal tractors and a hay-bale maze for kids. Food, hayrides, pumpkins and Howell Farm honey and maple syrup will be available for purchase." says


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