Coronavirus is not only deadly, it's put a damper on many things that were scheduled to happen during these months of quarantine. Events and things that people were looking forward to. Something I know people look forward to every year is the sale of girl scout cookies. Because of coronavirus, all sales had been suspended to keep the girl scouts safe, so there were a lot of sales that were missed out on. The cool thing is, you're still able to order your favorite girl scout cookies online and even donate some.

According to Thrillist, you can order girl scout cookies through their website and you can get them delivered right to your door. Girl scouts can also create their own digital cookie booths. They can create them on social media and sell them that way. Genius!

Let's support the girl scouts by purchasing some cookies, I know you're craving them. Plus, you won't have to visit a store and risk exposure of COVID-19 since they are delivered right to your door.


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