I don't know about you, but I am a total animal lover. When I see that animals need to be adopted, I wish I could have 10 acres of land and adopt them all. I told my husband that one day I want a big farm with all kinds of animals running around, it's one of my dreams.

When animals are mistreated and I hear about it, it just breaks my heart. The Bucks County SPCA rescued over 100 animals from a farm in Plumstead because of horrible conditions they were living in and according to The Patch, five of them are up to adoption. So if you've got a farm and have been searching to expand and add some goats, here's your chance.

Applications can be filled out here. Adoption fees are only $100 and $50 for these goats, so let's find them a home!

More info about these adorable goats is here.

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