After over a month of scalp pain and social media ridicule, Tessica Brown ("Gorilla Glue Girl”) is finally free of the glue and is ready to get back to her life with clean, fresh hair.

She spoke with Kayla Thomas on Monday (February 15) about her life after using Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive in her hair. She shared new details about the negative affects the internet trolls have had on her health, and she shared never before details about last week's surgery to remove the glue from her hair.

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A question buzzing around social media finally gets an answer, did she know what she was doing? Tessica admits to knowing that the spray was not meant for hair but that she assumed she could simply wash it out the minute she got home.

She explains more here in the full interview:

In the interview posted above, Tessica revealed that she realized she had made a huge after a week of “washing” her hair when it wasn't improving. That's when she finally told her family what happened and began to panic.

After a month of her hair being stuck, she posted a video to TikTok in the hopes that someone, somewhere would know what to do.

The initial video went viral and Tessica got thousands upon thousands of followers and even started a GoFundMe fundraiser.

As of now, she has almost 800,000 followers and close to $24,000 raised.

She told Kayla that $20,000 is going towards research and will be given to Restore Worldwide- Dr. Michael Obeng’s, the doctor who performed her surgery, research institution. The remaining $4,000 will be going to three local families in need that she knows.

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Unfortunately, the video (And Tessica's newfound fame) have been met with lots of backlash from internet bullies.

Tessica has a message for those who think she's doing this for "clout, or those who say the 40-year-old from Louisiana has dragged out her moment of fame.

"If they even look at my TikToks, they can clearly see that when I do posts it'll probably like a picture saying hey it's me, or a picture of the dance team or something that I'm doing for daycare, I don't just post like that all the time," Brown told the PopCrush Nights Show in the interview video posted above.

In fact, Tessica says that she has lost close to 15 pounds since posting the video because of the stress. She even revealed that her children have suffered too.

Yet, instead of backing away from her newfound fame, Tessica says she plans to use her platform to educate men and women on Black hair and remind people that you are beautiful "because of you, not because of your hair."

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