Shout out to all the people who received gifts that you didn't want. And shout out to those same people who had to pretend like that gift was the best thing in the entire world.

My friend got her boyfriend a plaid sweatshirt for Christmas. It was so hideous!! But she was so excited to give it to him because she had a matching one. When he opened it you could the next words out of his  mouth wanted to be "Did you get the receipt?"

So if you have found yourself in a similar situation, here is what you can do!

Of curse if the person who gave you the gift kept the receipt, just simply return it and exchange it for something else that you do like. However, there are many times when people just assume you'll love their gift and throw away the receipt! So if that's the case, if you're feeling nice you can always re=gift. One man's trash is another man's treasure right? OR, you can do what I've done and sell that thing right to Platos closet. They'll give you cash for your item (If it's clothes) and then you can go and buy you something you do like.

The person who bought you the gift NEVER has to know!

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