There's a little friendly competition going on in Lawrence Township, according to the official township website, and we could all benefit and have some fun.

It's a Halloween House Decorating Contest. Sounds fun, doesn't it? If you live in Lawrence Township, you have to register your house here to get in on the fun. Once everyone's registered, the township will create a "Monster Map" and post it on social media and their official website. That's where we can benefit. We can jump in the car, follow the map all over town, and check out all the decorated houses. It'll be fun to see what the residents come up with.

The Best Halloween House in Lawrence Township will be decided on by the Recreation Advisory Committee and awarded a gift certificate from a local business. The committee will be out judging each night from October 26th - October 31st, 6pm - 9pm. It will be interesting to see whether the houses choose a scary theme or a funny theme, or set their decorations to music...I can't wait to drive around and find out.

The judges will be voting on overall appearance, so if your entering, go all out. Halloween house decorations have certainly become more trendy over the years. Some of my neighbors have spent more time on their Halloween displays this year than they normally do on their holiday lights. Hey, I say go for it...whatever makes you happy during this challenging time.

Bravo, Lawrence Township for coming up with such a fun idea, when everyone could use a little fun during this ongoing pandemic.

The winner will be announced on Friday, November 6th.

Check out the flyer here.


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