Halloween won't be the same in Bordentown City this year.

Just announced on Facebook, the widely known Halloween festivities on Thompson Street, that so many people love, will not be happening this year (2023). I know, I'm bummed too.

The statement says, "We know many people have been asking about Halloween on Thompson Street already. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be on this year."

So disappointing. People come from all over the area each year to see Halloween come to life in the charming little town.

Halloween on Thompson Street is quite impressive. There's a theme each year and all the residents of the street decorate according to the theme, dress up, give out candy and more. It's truly magical. It's not like anything else around.

Halloween on Thompson Street via Facebook
Halloween on Thompson Street via Facebook

It had just come back from its COVID pause last year and now this news. Ugh.

The social media statement continued, "We do not know if we will be back on next year so keep checking back. We thank you all for your Halloween Love and Appreciation."

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If you're wondering why, like I was, it seems as if the town squashed this popular event.

While reading the comments in the post, it seems as if the town is no longer willing to  provide police support for the event, which brings out thousands of people each year. It's also being said the group was being asked to get permits for the yearly event. Both things can prove to be costly.

Halloween on Thompson Street via Facebook
Halloween on Thompson Street via Facebook

Commenters expressed their disappointment. One said, "We all appreciate the many years of Halloween magic you have provided." Another commented, "Thank you for bringing Halloween enchantment to our little city. It means so much to so many here."

Time will tell if the cherished tradition will be allowed to continue in the future.

Thanks for the Halloween memories, Thompson Street.

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