This dog: JD, was rescued in Burlington, NJ, and he's up for the title of "America's Favorite Pet," and apparently he needs your votes. Click here to learn more. 

We love when listeners email us and if we can honor their request, we try our best to do so.

We got an email from a listener named Eric, who wants us to help get his dog named JD. JD was adopted from the Burlington Animal Shelter. Eric tells us that JD has helped him through some really hard times.

JD is in the running to be America's Favorite Pet from Dogster & Catster Magazine. As of Saturday, he's currently in 4th place overall in the competition.

He is a four-year-old yellow lab mix and as you can tell from his pictures, he loves going on adventures.

You can read more about JD and his dog Dad Eric and see even more adorable pictures too. Cast your vote for JD here! You can vote for free or vote by giving a donation to PAWS.

Let's get him some votes!

I always say, without our listeners, we are nothing. We are only still on the air because of our listeners and our viewers of our website and the downloaders of our app. I appreciate all of you and I know the rest of the PST DJs feel the same way.

When I come home after a long day at work, and my dog Stella runs towards me and is wagging her tail, it's the best. I just love my girl. I've always been a dog owner, and I turn into mush when I watch sweet dog videos and see sweet dog pictures.

I hope we can help get JD some votes because JD and his little snow hat are making my heart so happy right now and you can tell his dog Dad Eric loves him so much. Good Luck JD!

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