If you want to hear a “feel good” story today, 6abc News released a story on Thursday that will warm your hearts up during this fall season.

Cheryl Rice from Erdenheim, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) started the nonprofit “You Matter Marathon: No Running Required” where people can pass on cards to friends, family or even strangers that say “You Matter,” in hopes to lift up people’s spirits during these crazy times.

"This is the medicine we all need right now, to heal our divides, to reconnect with our own civility and decency. This is so simple and yet so very, very powerful," Rice said.

The nonprofit organization that began in 2016 has taken off ever since and has had over 1,000,000 cards shared by 100,000 participants in 82 different countries.

6abc news reporter Karen Rogers even shared with the Philadelphia community that she passed on cards to her fellow coworkers as well, while staying socially distant.

“I put a You Matter card on the end of the umbrella for David Murphy and on a book for Tamala Edwards,” said Rogers.

Rice said that giving these two simple words to the right person at the right time can go such a long way for people who are needing appreciation and love right now.

This little act of kindness is part of the organization’s core beliefs stated on their website in which they hope to being more joy and peace into the world by spreading these inspirational cards.



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