There's nothing like a day down the shore! I love the jersey shore!  We're so lucky to live so close. I go as often as I can, but, I'll tell you your day can get ruined pretty easily if other beachgoers haven't brushed up on their beach etiquette, you know what I mean?  You may have heard me talking about this on the show. Last Saturday at Belmar, I got attitude from a woman who rudely told me that I basically took the spot of her friends that were coming. She had no towel down or chair set up, I was just supposed to know that other people were coming? Crazy! She needs to know beach etiquette, right?  There are some things you can do to make sure no one hates you at the beach. Don't smoke, don't crowd people, have sand awareness (no kicking it), keep your music down, clean up after get it.....there are more at I'll be at Belmar again on Saturday...say hi if you see me!

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