For most people, when they leave their job for the day, they're done. They don't have to work at home or don't even need to think about work. However, for first responders, even when they take off their uniforms, they still can be working.

Take Detective Sgt. George Wren of the New Jersey State Police for example. He was vacationing with his family down in Sea Isle City earlier this month, and he ended up saving a man's life. According to, Wren was on the beach with his family, when someone ran over to him and said that a man was drowning. Wren quickly grabbed a surfboard and quickly got the man on the surfboard and got him ashore to safety. The rip current was a very strong one that day and in addition to the rip current, the man was actually suffering from a heart attack. Emergency medical services were called and transported the man to a hospital and he was released a few days later.

Thank goodness for Detective Sgt. George Wren for saving this man's life! Hopefully he was able to enjoy the rest of his vacation with his family!

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