Whoa...this is going to blow your mind and have you looking forward to all the time off from work you're going to have in 2023.

Listen carefully. You could get 46 days off using only 18 days of PTO aka Paid Time Off.

If you're on Tik TOk you may have seen this brilliant life hack. Let's unpack it.

Basically, you're going to take your PTO days around holidays so you can enjoy big chunks of time off.

Now, I know this isn't going to work for everyone because not all employers offer all of these holidays off, but, even if it gives you a few extra days off, it's worth right.

This will definitley have you thinking.

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In January if you take the Thursday and Friday before Martin Luther King Junior Day off, you'll have 5 days in a row off, if you get that Monday as a holiday.

In April if you use 4 PTO days before Easter you could wind up having 10 straight days off if your employer gives you Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Wow.

Here's one I'm definitely going to do. In July if you take Monday, July 3rd off it'll be a long 4-day weekend. Nice.

This may sound like a long time to be out of the office, but, if you take the week after Veteran's Day in November off and the 3 days before Thanksgiving, you'll have a whopping 17 days off in a row.

In December if you take the 4 days off off between Christmas and New Year's you'll love having 10 days in a row off.

Crazy, right?! This is a lot to digest. Like I said, I know this won't work for everyone (it wouldn't for me) but maybe some of them will.

Good luck.

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