New Jersey will be adding hundreds of car charging outlets within the state this year.

The the massive addition of these outlets will almost double the current amount of car charging stations in the state.

That sounds super expensive, so you maybe asking yourself, who's paying for it all. Well NJ is using money from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust, which was money obtained from the car company for installing “defeat” devices to pass emissions tests.

According to, "The DEP will use $3.2 million to award grants for 827 charging outlets at 533 charging stations under Its Pay$ to Plug In electric vehicle charging grant program."

The state is stopping at just cars, they will also be investing in eight brand new electric transit buses. These buses are set to operate in Camden and cost the state about $8 million.

“We are pleased that this funding will help us pilot an electric bus program here in New Jersey to study in real-world scenarios the benefits and challenges of utilizing this alternate energy source,” NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Kevin Corbett said via

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