There's a new addition to Tantum Park in Robbinsville New Jersey and it's guaranteed to make you smile.

According to the Robbinsville Township Facebook Page, A ribbon-cutting for a new inclusive and all abilities playground took place yesterday. It's the first park in the area that will allow children of all ages and disabilities to play without the obstacles of traditional playgrounds.

Tantum Park is located on Meadowbrook Road in Robbinsville New Jersey and according to, it is a 36 acre park with tons of amenities including sports fields, courts, hiking trails, picnic pavilions and more.

Check out some pics of the new park below.

Robbinsville Township via Facebook
Robbinsville Township via Facebook
Robbinsville Township via Facebook
Robbinsville Township via Facebook

Anyone who knows me personally knows that my cousin Kelly has special needs and she is one of my favorite people.

She is an amazing athlete who plays basketball and softball and she even dances at a special program at our dance school.

She is very active and when we were younger, I never remember her being physically disabled. She has aged a little bit, but definitely holds her own on the basketball court, the softball field and she lights up the stage.

I have met many of Kelly's friends through the years and some of them are physically disabled and aren't able to carry out simple tasks like you and I can.

For some kids, something as simple as playing on a playground can be challenging for them. For some kids, that sit in wheelchairs, they've never experienced the feeling of being pushed on a swing.

Inclusive and all abilities parks change the playground experience for kids with disabilites. I always say I want to meet the architects who design these parks. I'd love to give them a big hug.

I hope children in Mercer County can enjoy this new park, because everyone should experience a playground on a beautiful and sunny day.

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