Monday is October 1st. Which means you've gotta start thinking about your Halloween costume right? But how do you choose? Do you go with something witty? Or something sexy? How about something with your honey?

Urban Outfitters knows yours struggles and they've come up with a Halloween costume that is both trendy and will be very popular: it's the influencer costume.

I know what you're thinking, what the heck is that? Well, if you think about celebrities as influencers (is that even a real word?) then you'll get it.

If you've seen Kim Kardashian's bra and leggings outfit, which she loves to wear while she's out on the town, you can pretty much assume the costume is supposed to be her. But I'm sure with copyright issues and all that, they're not allowed to say it's her. so that's where the "influencer costume" comes in.

The "costume" has a big price tag, as it costs $59! What?! There's no way I would ever pay $59 for a costume like this. I would NEVER be Kim Kardashian for Halloween, but also I would never pay so much money for a costume that I can make myself for way cheaper. I mean come on. It's only a sports bra, and leggings (which I already have both of them anyway) but even if I bought them, they would still be way cheaper than $59.

Oh, and it gets better:

If you want to complete the look with the black hat, the white sneakers and the blonde wig, your costume will cost about $155, I cannot believe it, yet I know some people will pay it and be Kim for Halloween. Oh man!

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