I'm at the age where I look back on my old watering holes from my early 20s and cherish a lot of memories made. Sure, some weren't the best, but the memory of the old places from my (younger) youth always bring a smile to my face.

They represent a different time in my life. A time when I was free from the responsibilities that come with "growing up." After all, that is what "growing up" actually is, isn't it? Gaining responsibility?

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No wonder people are so nostalgic these days. I thought it was just millennials who LIVED for nostalgia. Apparently, that's not the case at all when it comes to the residents of Mays Landing, Atlantic County.

A picture has surfaced on social media of the old sign that once hung outside the beloved bar known as Testa's. Remember that place? I didn't live down here when it was open. It's been closed for several years now. Still, that didn't stop people from commenting to inquire whether or not the sign resurfacing meant they were opening a new location.

Unfortunately, that's not happening. Someone from town found the sign at a yard sale and thought people who spent their youth enjoying the place would feel some warmth in the heart getting a glimpse of the old sign again.

It was accompanied by another sign. This one was from Paragon Bar and Grille. If you recall, both Testa's and Paragon once occupied the spot currently being operated under the new establishment, Freddy J's Bar and Kitchen. Now, I can't speak to Paragon, but I LOVE Freddy J's.

How these people feel about Testa's and Paragon is probably how I'll feel about Freddy J's if they ever close up shop. Take a look at the pictures for yourself HERE.

Source: Facebook

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