2019 has been one heck of a year for the Jonas Brothers. The reformation, their new hit “Sucker” that debuted at the top of Billboard Hot 100, and then a full length album. Sheesh talk about a come-back.

The Bergen County boys made yet another return last Friday night at the Prudential Center—their first return to New Jersey in 6 years. 15,000 in the crowd and both new and old music in the set list, the nearly 2 hour performance rocked the crowd.

Jo stated according to NJ.com, “It feels good to be home.” It’s good to have you, Joe!

And of course, the JoBros performed their song that is my guilty pleasure, “Burnin’ up,” and the crowd erupted.

From a church basement to the prudential center, we are glad to have the boys -erm- men, back. Nick even said “There’s something about this state that’s sort of like a secret club.” More like a cult, Nick! And you can’t leave!

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