I am proud to say that this story comes right out of the town I've lived in for five years! In a world of bullying and non acceptance, this story warmed my heart and just about made me cry. I first stumbled upon this story because I belong to the South Brunswick residents Facebook page. Then I saw it made national news and I was beaming with pride for the town I live in.

Here's how the story goes. A little boy, named Carter, who has autism and ADHD visited a skate park with his Mom on his 5th Birthday, which happened to only be a few days ago. The skate park was filled a bunch of older kids. Now, you've seen movies, where the older kids may poke fun at a younger kid or maybe even not socialize with him, but that wasn't went down at this skate park in South Brunswick earlier this week. Carter was not only accepted by these older kids, but he was taught how to skateboard by them. The most heartwarming part of the video below, which was captured by Carter's Mom, was when Carter fell down and an older kid helped him and continued to help him learn how to ride a skateboard. These older kids even sang Happy Birthday to Carter and I am positive he had the best fifth Birthday ever!

These young kids, who are being called "superheros" by the media, have just amazed me in every way. Their parents raised them to be respectful and kind and we need to praise them as well. I hope that this video shows many that kindness is the answer to so many things and I think Carter's 5th Birthday was definitely a good one.

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