Hallelujah. The Lawrenceville Dunkin on Route 206 (Across from St. Ann Catholic church) is open once again. I can hear the cheers.

It was a long month and a half for many whose morning routines got a big shake up because of the renovations. Everyone was forced to reroute themselves to the newer Dunkin by Whitehead Road or Princeton Avenue, by the Trenton Farmers Market.

After seeing a sign in the window announcing its reopening, I made a quick drive-by this morning on my way to work, and it was already bustling (it opened at 5am). There is a new, cute sign on the back wall that I could see through the window that says, "Lawrenceville Runs on Dunkin." Love it. The tables and chairs have been updated, with a little lounge area in the back, that looked comfy to hang out in.

I can't wait to actually go inside and check out the rest, but, today, I had to get to work. Lol.

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