In light of the continued civil unrest and planned protests, several towns and communities across the area have issued a curfew order for tonight (June 1):

Here’s the latest list of announced curfews that are in effect for our area as of 1:00 pm on Monday:


The citywide curfew goes back into effect tonight at 6 p.m. and lasts until 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Additionally, SEPTA has indefinitely suspended most service in and out of Center City, as of 1 pm on Monday.


EWING: The township has issued a curfew that will go into effect at 7 pm on Monday. It lasts until 6 am on Tuesday (June 2). This curfew orders all businesses to close. All residents must be home as of 7 pm tonight, and curfew prohibits all travel except for essential services.

A township wide curfew will go into effect at 7 pm on Monday.

“We are joining Trenton in instilling a curfew tonight that will begin at 7 pm and end at 6 am on Tuesday, June 2nd. This curfew orders all businesses to close and all residents to be home as of 7 pm tonight,” Mayor Jeff Martin says.

LAWRENCE: A township wide curfew goes into effect at 7 pm on Monday. It lasts until 7 am on Tuesday, in joining with similar measures in place in other Mercer County communities.

TRENTON:  A citywide curfew of 7 pm will go into effect in the city of Trenton.
“This curfew applies to all individuals and businesses. All streets and sidewalks must be clear of pedestrian and vehicular traffic,” the city says. Only essential personnel should be traveling on the city’s streets after 7 pm, according to the city's order. 

This list will be updated as more communities announce plans for curfews. 

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