You've probably heard the term "lucky dog."  Well, it is probably the best way to describe a basset hound named Libby from Englewood, NJ.

According to NBC-NewYork, yesterday just before noon, Libby jumped through a window screen inside the 4th floor apartment where she lives with her owners.  Libby was home alone at the time of the incident, so it is unclear what caused her to jump, but she ended up falling on a lamp post and having one of her front legs impaled on a stake.

Local firefighters rescued the dog from the post and she was taken to her veterinarian.  Libby's owners told NBC-New York that, miraculously, Libby is expected to make a full recovery.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The American Kennel Club ranks basset hounds as the 39th most-popular breed of dogs and describes them as "charming, patient and low-key."  And in Libby's case, lucky should be added to that description.


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