If you're a bike rider, like me, sometimes it can be difficult to get your ride in because of the lack of sidewalks in your riding area. I know where I ride my bike, sometimes I am sharing the road with cars and my husband freaks out. I understand, I do, but when I go against the traffic, I can see the cars coming, but I have had a few close calls that have caused me to have a small heart attack. So, when I heard this news about a new bike path in Mercer County, it made me extremely happy.

According to The Patch, Mercer County just received a huge grant, almost $3 million actually, and the project will add bike paths and give bike riders access to various communities throughout Mercer County such as Ewing, Pennington and Lawrence, just to name a few. The route will be along County Route 546, which may be known to others as Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Pennington-Lawrenceville Road and Franklin Corner Road.

More things need to be done before the path gets put in place, but I think people will be excited that they can get more places just using their bikes and not their cars.

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