Mercer County residents are being warned about a new telephone scam affecting the area, according to Facebook.
Mercer County Sheriff, Jack Kemler, urged everyone to share the details with neighbors, so no one else becomes a victim of this scam. It's a Jury Duty telephone scam, and the scammers are posing as a Mercer County Sheriff's Officer, telling residents that they owe money for not showing up for Jury Duty over the summer. The residents were also told to meet at the Mercer County Courthouse and pay a $2,000 fine, or bail, as the post states. Apparently, the supposed officer spoke in a harsh tone.
Over the last week, many residents have already been called by these scammers, and contacted the Mercer County Sheriff's Office to complain about the fine, only to be told that it's a scam. Kemler's office is reassuring all residents that at no time will a Mercer County Sheriff's Officer call any resident demanding money for missing Jury Duty. Don't believe the calls.
If you happen to get one of these calls, just hang up, don't even talk to the person, and contact the Mercer County Sheriff's Office at (609) 989-6111 and report it. Actually, don't even pick up the phone unless it's someone you absolutely know on your caller id. That's what I do. I don't believe anyone anymore, since being scammed last year by someone posing as someone from my bank. The tricky part about that was that my bank's phone number came up on my caller id, so I thought it was legit, but, it wasn't. Ugh. So, now I trust no one who calls. No one.
You have to stay on your toes, because these scammers are good at what they do. Don't be fooled.

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