Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and his wife Lauren just announced they are expecting a baby. Mike & Lauren announced the happy news on their Instagram just a few weeks ago with a Christmas baking theme. Mike and Lauren Sorrentino revealed they had a miscarriage last year shortly after Mike was released from federal prison. Mike was in the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville New York for eight months for tax evasion. Despite the announcement to his Jersey Shore roommates and multiple media outlets, the couple seemed hopeful they would still become parents one day. That day is coming in 2021. We are so happy for these two.

Although, they announced that they are expecting a baby a few weeks ago, we didn't know a gender until today. Mike and his wife Lauren announced via Instagram and Twitter that they will be expecting a baby boy in 2021. Gender reveal parties are so cute. We had one and we found out our baby's gender with the rest of our close friends and family by shooting off confetti canons. The Sorrentino's found out their baby's gender by flipping a switch to turn on Christmas lights on a Christmas tree. When the flipped the switch, the lights were blue.

Baby Sorrentino already has his own Instagram and I'm sure we will see some cute pics of that little guy the second he arrives.

According to People.com, they did their gender reveal as safe as possible and only had close friends and family around and the rest of their friends and family joined them virtually.

Congrats to the Sorrentino's! We can wait to see if this little guy is born with a tan and a blowout.

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